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23109 US Highway 40
Golden, Colorado 80401






Taha Suri Alpaca Ranch, LLC was established in 2012 as a passion of owner-operator Kim Taha, who was either following in the footsteps of her Norwegian farming ancestors or was engaging in a mid-life crisis! Either way, the desire to maintain acreage and livestock was calling. 

Since embarking on this adventure, Kim has served on the Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (ABR) Board of Directors from 2014-2015 and 2017-2018. She also served as the National Western Alpaca Show (NWSS) Superintendent from 2016-2019, the Great Western Alpaca (GWAS) Show Manager Event Manager from 2017-2018. 

Kim feels strongly about promoting alpacas as livestock, continually educating herself and others about the camelid community, and facilitating easy access for the consumer to the wonderful and varied world of alpaca products.

Taha Suri Alpaca Ranch is located on a 45-acre parcel in the foothills west of Denver on Lookout Mountain. The acreage is historic with features similar to that of the alpacas native Peruvian lands. In the 1930s and beyond, before the existence of the modern interstate system in the area, the homestead extended into what is now the Genesee development and operated as a cattle ranch. Prior to those times, a stagecoach stop existed and the remnants of the stagecoach trail headed from the base of Lookout Mountain remain apparent today. 

The Tahas feel fortunate to maintain their ranch operations on an easily-accessible, close-in agricultural acreage with an abundance of history, not to mention an abundance of wildlife with which the alpacas peacefully exist.  

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